A successful preclinical program requires innovation, expertise, and flexibility.

PharmaFacts has a unique ability to expand or contract according to your preclinical program needs. Our clients are impressed when they learn about the breadth of our expertise and the efficiency with which we can accommodate their requirements.

About small to mid-size biotech companyIs your small to mid-size biotech company behind schedule, overworked, understaffed, and struggling to resource the oversight of preclinical safety study requirements, and manage placement and oversight of studies at CROs in an efficient manner?

The demands of managing preclinical drug development, the rapid growth and changes in scientific and regulatory requirements, and the need to have on hand individuals trained in this specialty are all impeding your progress.

 PharmaFacts is positioned to partner with you to handle virtually any preclinical or nonclinical consulting need.


PharmaFacts is committed to finding solutions to the preclinical challenges of small to mid-size biotech companies. Collaboration Pharma Facts Collaboration people and puzzlewith our expert independent consultants ensures a high-quality, cost effective, and efficient experience that adheres to regulatory expectations.


PharmaFacts’ broad and deep experience, and the innovative oversight of its leadership, ensures that the potential roadblocks to a successful preclinical drug development program are anticipated and overcome.


Caroline Bell, PhD, founded PharmaFacts to meet the growing need for a drug development consultancy made up of a wide range of experts both inside and outside of safety pharmacology.

Dr. Bell’s training in classical pharmacology at Bath University in the UK led her to a PhD program in pharmacology at New York Medical College followed by postdoctoral work at Cornell University Medical College in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. She has over 30 years of experience as a pharmacologist, preclinical safety assessment scientist, and manager/director and 17 years of experience as a consultant in the academic and global pharmaceutical arenas. She was one of the founding members of the Safety Pharmacology Society and served on its Board of Directors for seven years.

 View Caroline Bell, PhD’s CV here.


PharmaFacts’ network of consultants, ranging from junior to experts, are prepared to meet the unique challenges your biotech company faces. We can advise you on any and all aspects of your preclinical drug development program and its regulatory expectations. Click for more on our expertise.